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If by any chance that one day you wake up asking yourself “do I really want my job?”. Then you should start considering the fact that you hate your job and you don’t want to stay any longer. Quitting your job however is a long process. A long process of looking onto you financial stability. Can you go on with life along with your family even if you leave your current job? The following statements will help you know what you really want.
Identify real issues and make up your mind:
Hundreds of reasons may affect you desire for your own job. Your employer may not fit your liking, you may not like your job from the start, you hate yourself for not having time for yourself and finally you feel too much pressure from the pile of work loaded on you. Try to point out what you hate about them. And weigh them all if they are enough to make you leave everything.
The first step towards new job:
The next step is to find reasons to change your job. Identify the effects of your job to the aspects of your life. How much time does your job gobble up from your life? Do you by any chance get ideas about your job being too boring and hating it like everyday? Does it affect your relationship with your family along with your own health? If your job devours your whole life, then maybe its time for you to consider leaving it.
Issues you may face:
However, quitting your job faces you to lots of consequences. You need to know your financial stability as of the moment and make plans ahead of time. To know where you can obtain the money needed in the future.

Do your calculations:
First things first, you need to identify the situation. Make a list of where and how to spend your money for each month. And how to earn them. Remember to include your saved money from the past as this can supplement you through your money needs in the future.
If you are looking for a change of job then you should consider all issues before you quit your job. You can also do things ahead of time. Try to look for a job while you are working on your present job. So you have greater control on this issue. Why let yourself starve on an unsure future if you can do things today. And if have already made your mind to leave your current job then better you start preparing for critical interview questions.

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