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Jump to navigation search. Man working at a modern standing desk. A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk conceived for writing or reading while standing up or while sitting on a high stool. During the 18th and 19th centuries standing desks were popular in the homes and offices of the rich. Standing desks have regained some popularity due to purported health benefits though such benefits have not yet been clearly established. Notable users of standing desks include Leonardo da Vinci U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill author Virginia Woolf songwriter Oscar Hammerstein II author Ernest Hemingway and U.S.
Our Standing Desk Products VARIDESK.
To view this site you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. THE HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE STANDING DESK. Single flat surface Perfect to spread out Sizes up to 2 monitors. Two-tiered design Separate keyboard tray Sizes up to 2 monitors. Sized for standard cubicles Corner and wing models Sizes up to 2 monitors. Designed for laptops Perfect for limited spaces Sizes for 1 monitor. Full desk replacement Sit and stand in seconds Largest surface.
The Best Standing Desks The Wirecutter.
400 from Ergo Desktop. Budget pick for use with an existing desk. The Kangaroo Pro Junior represents the best way to transform your current desk into an adjustable desk and easily switch between sitting and standing. If you already have a desk that you like and you dont want to commit to a full-size sit/stand desk consider the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior. It sits on top of your existing desk and converts from sitting to standing position in seconds without electricity. Instead of motors the Kangaroo uses pneumatic springs to lift its work surface and you lower it by pushing it down manually.
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Elevate Adjusta 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk. The 48-wide 122 cm dual-surface Elevate Adjusta is the ultimate standing desk with complete adjustability. Push a button to move the front and back surfaces simultaneously. Then squeeze a lever to. Elevate Adjusta 60 Electric Sit-Stand Desk. The 60-wide 152 cm dual-surface Elevate Adjusta is the ultimate standing desk with complete adjustability. Push a button to move the front and back surfaces simultaneously. Then squeeze a lever to. Elevate 48 Electric Sit-Stand Desk.
Five Best Standing Desks.
Check out the nomination thread here for more. A PHOTO OF THE BEST STANDING DESK preferably at 970x546 Read more Read more. The UpDesk UpWrite is a simple all-white standing/sitting workstation with adjustable height 26 and single-touch motorized controls. You have the flexibility to make it as tall as you want when you choose to stand or lower it on those days where you need to sit. It supports 300lbs 136 kg of weight is wide enough at the base to accommodate treadmills for those of you who nominated treadmill desks and perhaps its claim to fame the UpWrite features a 30 x 60 erasable whiteboard work surface.
Why I killed my standing desk Crew blog.
The problem with my standing desk however was it forced me to rest at times when my brain wanted to work. It was hard for me to get into a flow while standing. The standing desk helped me stay focused for certain tasks like answering email partly because I knew I could only stand for so long. But when it came to tasks that required a bit more focused thought like writing I was distracted. I thought more about the pain in my legs than the words I was trying to put on the page. Even if this pain was good for me I didnt care anymore. Thinking about the pain was impacting my work. That day I killed my standing desk.
Best Standing Desks for 2016.
Focal Locus Stand Up Desk. StandDesk Stand Up Desk. UpDesk UpWrite Standing Desk. NextDesk Terra Stand Up Desk. 30 x 48 larger size available. 26 x 56 larger size available. 30 x 48 larger size available. 31.5 x 63.5 larger size available. 1 Pick Focal Locus Stand Up Desk.
Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing Desks Co.Design business design.
Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing Desks. Which active desk designs are best for your body and mind? RAAAF Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances. RAAAF Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances. Eric Jaffe 04.22.15 730 AM. If it wasn't already clear through common sense it's become painfully clear through science that sitting all day is terrible for your health.

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